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Sex Po Telefonu' トピック一覧. Look up the English to Slovenian translation of seks po telefonu in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation​. Sample records for sex po telefonu. «1; 2; 3; 4; 5 .. Levels of polonium were not influenced by sampling location, sex, age and species of animals. Aspects on.

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This book Understanding Sex for Sale: Meanings and Moralities of Sexual Commerce is dedicated to the exploration of the ways in which sex prostitution, sex work or sex for sale are taken for granted by particularly looking at how the relation between sex and money is interpreted and enacted This interdisciplinary book aims to understand how prostitution, sex work or sex for sale are defined, delineated, contested and understood in different places and times. The book offers contributions from a number of scholars who, based on their on their own research, discuss on going theoretical issues and analytical Other chapters investigate the experiences of the sex workers and sex buyers asking how these actors adjust to or resist the categorisation The structure of the compounds, i.

Comparative analysis of the crystal structure and hydrogen bond systems in acid phosphites of different composition was conducted [ru. We illustrate the use of this tool by studying the QCD corrections, matched to a parton shower, for several benchmark points in the Higgs PO parameter space.

We find that, while being sizable and thus important to be considered in realistic experimental analyses, the QCD higher-order corrections largely factorize. As an additional finding, based on the NLO results, we advocate to consider 2D distributions of the two-jet azimuthal-angle difference and the leading jet p T for new physics searches in VBF Higgs production.

Study on the excretion of pb and po The amount of Po excreted in urine and feces was more influenced by Po that was taken with food and drink than taken through inhalation. The amount of Pb in urine of mining workers among uranium mine workers was higher than that of the non-uranium mine workers.

It was thought that this fact was due to the working environment in uranium mine the amount of Pb being a few tens times higher than that in normal environment. The activity ratios of Po of faecal to urinary excretion are widely distributed, however, the average value of many samples approached to Urinary excretion of Po was highest after 24 hours of ingestion, but for faecal excretion, it was highest after 3 day.

Destroy this report when it is no longer needed. Study about excretion of Po in urine. The urine of mines's workers are analysed to detect the presence of Po. The results was compared with the workers and with a control population. Cigarettes samples was analysed two and confirmed the presence.

The control population individuals were divided in smokers and non smokers and them urine was investigated the influence of the smoke in the Po excretion. Po distribution in uranium-mill circuits. Leached Po may be carried along on small particles rather than dissolved in solution. There does not appear to be any radiologically significant buildup or accumulation in the acid leach circuit, but there are noteworthy amounts in the molybdenum recovery solution.

Water quality in Italy: Po River and its tributaries. For Italy's Po River hydrological basin, artificial reservoirs have a great importance; water reserve is about million cubic meters for the hydroelectric reservoirs and about 76 million cubic meters for irrigation. The principal factors determining the water quality of the Po River and its tributaries are examined. Organic micropollutants, metals and the microbial load are the principal parameters altering the quality of the waters; dilution is the prevailing factor reducing this contamination.

Syntheses and characterizations of LiFe PO 4 powders. The benefits of using LiFe PO 4 are excellent cycle life, high structural stability, low cost and environmental friendliness. Here will be presented our efforts to obtain LiFe PO 4 powders through several synthesis methods.

The differences in phase purity, microstructure, morphology, and electrochemical performances of synthesized powders were investigat Assessment of Po exposure for the Italian population. Most of the natural internal dose of the general population due to alpha particles is associated with Po exposure.

The experimental data obtained to evaluate the levels of Po exposure to members of the general Italian population and to some critical population groups exposed to high radon and daughter air concentration are summarized. The Po content was measured in the following: a daily diets; b urinary excretions from members of the general population, both non-smokers and smokers; c urinary excretions from workers in radioactive spas and non-uranium mines; d teeth and bone samples from the general population.

In most samples the content of Pb, was also measured to assess the behaviour of Po in man. A mathematical model fitting the experimental data was developed to describe the metabolism of systemic Po.

Four different levels of Po exposure were detected according to the internal burden measured in the considered subjects. The corresponding dose rate to cortical and trabecular bone and soft tissue was evaluated. Results Preschoolers diagnosed with PO -psychiatric disorders were 3 times as likely as the healthy preschoolers to be classified aggressors, victims, or aggressive-victims. Recommendations for future research and preventative intervention aimed at minimizing the development of relational aggression in early childhood by identifying and targeting PO -psychiatric disorders are made.

A summary is given of the data required to evaluate the Po internal burden and the relative dose given to the members of the Italian general public and to those groups of subjects who are exposed in non-uranium mines and spas to high radon and daughter product air concentrations. Data on the daily intake, daily excretion, total body burden and skeletal burden of Pb and Po for the general public provide the components of the Pb- Po metabolic balance.

A mathematical model has been developed on the basis of this data and can be used to evaluate the Pb- Po body burden of subjects exposed to high levels of radon and daughter products on the basis of their Pb- Po daily excretion. Data is presented for the Pb- Po skeletal and soft tissue burden and the yearly dose rate to the skeleton in non-smokers, smokers, non-uranium miners and spa employees. Personal monitoring of Po and Po radionuclide deposition onto individuals under normal environmental exposure conditions.

Personal dosemeters have been utilized to monitor the deposition of the radon decay products Po and Po onto individuals under normal environmental exposure conditions. Subsequent analysis provides energy discrimination of the detected alpha-particle decays, and allows events from the individual radon decay products Po and Po , attached to the detector surface, to be uniquely identified.

Assuming similar deposition onto skin and detector surfaces, the activity per unit area of deposited radionuclides can be determined for exposed skin. Forty-one personal dosemeters were issued to volunteers selected through the hospital medical physics departments at Reading, Northampton, Exeter and Plymouth. Each volunteer was also issued with a personal radon dosemeter to determine their individual radon exposure.

The volunteers wore the two dosemeters simultaneously and continuously for a period of around one month. Correlations were observed between the radon exposure of the individual and the activity per unit area of Po and Po on the detector surface.

These results can be combined with theoretical modelling of the dose distribution in the skin to yield the alpha-particle radiation dose to any identified target cells. En otras palabras, se procura llegar a acuerdos entre los diferentes puntos de vista de cada actor y llevarlos a cabo durante todo el proyecto. Posteriormente, se analizan los resultados obtenidos luego de realizar el juego en diferentes grupos de estudiantes. Information for software applications is delivered by the stakeholders.

Software development projects need consistency as an important aspect of such information. In other words, agreement among the different viewpoints must be reached in order to be implemented in the project. Well-known teaching methods try to create capabilities in this field, but they fail in reinforcing them in practice, which is commonly used for teaching in this field.

We aim the reinforcement of some basic concepts about software engineering such as consistency in the information handled throughout the project, and the importance of viewpoints in the software product development. Subsequently, we analyze the results obtained after holding the game in several groups of students. The C-NaFe PO 4 electrodes are identical particle size, particle size distribution, surface coating, and active material loading, etc.

In this paper, the equilibrium potentials, reaction resistances, and diffusion coefficient of Na in C-NaFe PO 4 are systematically investigated by using the galvanostatic intermittent titration technique GITT , electrochemical impedance spectroscopy EIS and cyclic voltammetry CV , and compared to those of the well-known LiFe PO 4 cathodes in Li-ion batteries. Diaz-Frances, I. Box Seville Spain. The results obtained and the conclusions derived from them form the core of this communication.

The lowest concentrations obtained are associated with a diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins 'terrestrial' pork, beef, Reimuller, J. This experiment will employ an rSLV e. Eielson AFB, Alaska or Kiruna, Sweden during a week-long deployment scheduled for July to address critical questions concerning noctilucent clouds NLCs through flights that transition the cloud layer where the clouds will be under direct illumination from the sun.

Specifically, Po SSUM will answer: 1 What are the small-scale dynamics of NLCs and what does this tell us about the energy and momentum deposition from the lower atmosphere? The data on Pb and Po activities in French foodstuffs acquired during the last 15 years are numerous enough to derive reference values which will be usable to assess the dose to the French population due to the intake of these two natural radionuclides.

The means and ranges are close to those observed in various countries and are most often higher than the reference values proposed by UNSCEAR. Mussels and oysters exhibit the highest Po activities of all kinds of foodstuffs, with a mean value of 27 Bq. Below these highest Po activities are those of Po and Pb in terrestrial kinds of foodstuffs, by decreasing order: meats around 1 Bq. Sex Education: Another View. The mother of a year-old mentally retarded boy comments on the viewpoints of Dr.

Sol Gordon a sex education columnist regarding masturbation, questions on sex , marriage, and the parents' role. Ag3 PO 4 photocatalysts modified with Bi PO 4 and polypyrrole PPy were successfully synthesized via a combination of co-precipitation hydrothermal technique and oxidative polymerization method.

The typical triphenylmethane dye malachite green was chosen as a target organic contaminants to estimate the photocatalytic activities and photo-stabilities of Ag3 PO 4-Bi PO 4-PPy heterostructures under visible light irradiation.

The results indicated that the existence of Bi PO 4 and PPy not only showed great influences on the photocatalytic activity, but also significantly enhanced photo-stability of Ag3 PO 4 in repeated and long-term applications.

The photo-corrosion phenomenon of Ag3 PO 4 was effectively avoided. The possible mechanism of enhanced photo-stability and photocatalytic activity of Ag3 PO 4-Bi PO 4-PPy heterostructures was also discussed in this work.

Or, ces compositions ne se mon In addition, hydrogen bonds of the type O—H O are present throughout the crystal structure. A survey was carried out on the activity concentrations of Pb and Po in cereal grains produced in Finland.

The survey consisted of 18 flour and 13 unprocessed cereal samples and one hulled grain sample from 22 flour mills. All rights reserved. Sex in situ. Coeducation and Sex Roles. A study of the sex role stereotypes held by first-term Australian university students from single- sex and coeducational high schools is presented. Results suggest that coeducational schooling may have some advantages for fostering interactions with the opposite sex.

T Ramakrishna Rao. General Article Volume 5 Issue 12 December pp Click here to view fulltext PDF. Permanent link:. In the context of neurophysiological normative data, it has been established that aging has a significant impact on neurophysiological correlates of auditory phonological input processes, such as phoneme discrimination PD and word recognition WR.

Besides age, sex is another demographic factor that influences several language processes. We aimed to disentangle whether sex has a similar effect on PD and WR. Event-related potentials ERPs were recorded in 20 men and 24 women. During PD, three phonemic contrasts place and manner of articulation and voicing were compared using the attentive P and pre-attentive Mismatch Negativity. To investigate WR, real words were contrasted with pseudowords in a pre-attentive oddball task.

Women demonstrated a larger sensitivity to spectrotemporal differences, as evidenced by larger P responses to the place of articulation Po A contrast and larger P and MMN responses than men in Po A-based PD. Men did not display such sensitivity. Attention played an important role, considering that women needed more attentional resources to differentiate between Po A and the other phonemic contrasts. During WR, pseudowords evoked larger amplitudes already ms post-stimulus independent of sex.

However, women had decreased P latencies, but longer N latencies in response to pseudowords, whereas men showed increased N latencies compared to women in response to real words. The current results demonstrate significant sex -related influences on phonological input processes. Therefore, existing neurophysiological normative data for age should be complemented for the factor sex.

The level of Po in eight brands of cigarettes and four brands of bidis popular in and around Nagercoil town was determined to evaluate the annual effective dose. The Po activity in a full cigarette ranged from In tobacco, the highest Po content was recorded in the brand C4 The activity in mainstream varied from With regard to Po activity concentration, not much specificity was noted with respect to the tobacco brand.

The bidis showed a higher activity when compared to cigarettes. The popular brands concentrated more activity than the fine brands. In this study, radiation dose values in the range of Po and other radionuclides in terrestrial and freshwater environments. Gjelsvik, Runhild; Brown, Justin [eds. This report provides new information on Po and where appropriate its grandparent Pb behaviour in environmental systems including humans.

This has primarily been achieved through measurements of Po in aquatic and terrestrial environments that has led to the derivation of information on the levels of this radioisotope in plants, animals and the biotic components of their habitat i.

For freshwater environments, Po concentration ratios derived for freshwater benthic fish and bivalve mollusc were substantially different to values collated from earlier review work.

For terrestrial environments, activity concentrations of Po in small mammals although of a preliminary nature because no correction was made for ingrowth from Pb were considerably higher than values derived from earlier data compilations. It was envisaged that data on levels of naturally occurring radionuclides would render underpinning data sets more comprehensive and would thus allow more robust background dose calculations to be performed subsequently.

By way of example, unweighted background dose-rates arising from internal distributions of Po were calculated for small mammals in the terrestrial study. The biokinetics of polonium in humans has been studied following chronic and acute oral intakes of selected Po radioisotopes.

This work has provided information on gastrointestinal absorption factors and biological retention times thus improving the database upon which committed effective doses to humans are derived. The information generated in the report, in its entirety, should be of direct relevance for both human and non-human impact assessments. Concentrations of Po in fish and shellfish from southern region of Japan and evaluation of Po intake from seafood for Japanese people.

Concentrations of Po in fish and shellfish, mostly collected from southern region of Japan were analyzed. Values ranged from 0. Intake of Po through fish and shellfish was evaluated at different Japanese cities based on statistical consumption data. Phytoplankton, Heterosigma akashiwo was collected during a harmful algal bloom and Po was analyzed. The phytoplankton occupied only 4. Po Superconducting Magnet:detail of the windings. The Po superconducting dipole was built as a prototype beam transport magnet for the SPS extracted proton beam Po.

She cultivated the novel, short stories, drama and poetry. Thermal analysis of a LiFe Po 4 Battery. The objective of this final thesis project was to study and test a 3,3V LiFe Po 4 battery in outer space conditions to be able to determine its working range, its limitations and its problems.

To do so a measuring set-up to read and estimate the capacity of a battery was built and programmed. The results showed that the battery can still operate prope Historically, academic literature on sex work has documented the changing debates, policies, and cultural discourse surrounding the sex industry, and their impact on the rights of sex workers worldwide.

Structural and electrochemical properties of these materials were compared. X-ray diffraction revealed orthorhombic olivine structure. Ex situ Raman spectrum of C-LiFe PO 4 at various stages of charging and discharging showed reversibility upon electrochemical cycling.

These results indicate that the capacity and the rate capability improved significantly upon carbon coating. The ratio of structure change to valence change clearly indicates that the phase separation from LiFe PO 4 to Fe PO 4 is suppressed at the beginning of delithiation, while it is accelerated at the latter stage, which is due to the coherent strain caused by the lattice misfit between the two phases.

Neuroprotection of Sex Steroids. Sex steroids are essential for reproduction and development in animals and humans, and sex steroids also play an important role in neuroprotection following brain injury. New data indicate that sex -specific responses to brain injury occur at the cellular and molecular levels.

This review summarizes the current understanding of neuroprotection by sex steroids, particularly estrogen, androgen, and progesterone, based on both in vitro and in vivo studies. Better understanding of the role of sex steroids under physiological and pathological conditions will help us to develop novel effective therapeutic strategies for brain injury. Sex Reversal in Birds.

Sexual differentiation in birds is controlled genetically as in mammals, although the sex chromosomes are different. Males have a ZZ sex chromosome constitution, while females are ZW. Gene s on the sex chromosomes must initiate gonadal sex differentiation during embryonic life, inducing paired testes in ZZ individuals and unilateral ovaries in ZW individuals.

The traditional view of avian sexual differentiation aligns with that expounded for other vertebrates; upon sexual differentiation, the gonads secrete sex steroid hormones that masculinise or feminise the rest of the body. However, recent studies on naturally occurring or experimentally induced avian sex reversal suggest a significant role for direct genetic factors, in addition to sex hormones, in regulating sexual differentiation of the soma in birds.

This review will provide an overview of sex determination in birds and both naturally and experimentally induced sex reversal, with emphasis on the key role of oestrogen. We then consider how recent studies on sex reversal and gynandromorphic birds half male:half female are shaping our understanding of sexual differentiation in avians and in vertebrates more broadly.

Current evidence shows that sexual differentiation in birds is a mix of direct genetic and hormonal mechanisms. Perturbation of either of these components may lead to sex reversal. Karger AG, Basel. Sexing young snowy owls. We predicted sex of Snowy Owl Bubo scandiacus nestlings out of 34 nests at our Barrow, Alaska, study area to develop a technique for sexing these owls in the field. We primarily sexed young, flightless owls d old by quantifying plumage markings on the remiges and tail, predicting sex , and collecting blood samples to test our field predictions using molecular sexing techniques.

We categorized and quantified three different plumage markings: two types of bars defined as markings that touch the rachis and spots defined as markings that do not touch the rachis. We predicted sex in the field assuming that males had more spots than bars and females more bars than spots on the remiges and rectrices.

We modeled the data using random forests and classification trees. Both models indicated that the number and type of markings on the secondary feathers were the most important in classifying nestling sex. The statistical models verified our initial qualitative prediction that males have more spots than bars and females more bars than spots on flight feathers P6P10 for both wings and tail feathers T1 and T2.

This study provides researchers with an easily replicable and highly accurate method for sexing young Snowy Owls in the field, which should aid further studies of sex -ratios and sex -related variation in behavior and growth of this circumpolar owl species.

Osho - Insights on sex. Sex is a mysterious phenomenon, which has puzzled even great sages. Human beings have researched and mastered the biology of sex.

But that is not all. Sex needs to be understood from the spiritual perspective too. The vision of Osho is an enlightening experience in this regard. Out of the thousands of lectures, five lectures on sex made Osho most notorious. Born into a Jain family of Madhya Pradesh, Rajneesh, who later wanted himself to be called Osho, is a great master.

He has spoken volumes on a wide range of topics ranging from sex to super-consciousness. His contributions in the area of sex are based on the principles of "Tantra" which has its origin from Buddhism. This article focuses on his life and insights on sex , which if understood properly, can be a stepping stone for enlightenment.

Refusal data showed shoppers helping other- sex more than same- sex experimenters. Other results showed a significant three-way interaction among helper and helpee sex and sex -typing and situation sex -typing and that helper sex -typing did not have significant….

Low Po 2 conditions induce reactive oxygen species formation during contractions in single skeletal muscle fibers. Contractions in whole skeletal muscle during hypoxia are known to generate reactive oxygen species ROS ; however, identification of real-time ROS formation within isolated single skeletal muscle fibers has been challenging.

Consequently, there is no convincing evidence showing increased ROS production in intact contracting fibers under low Po 2 conditions. Therefore, we hypothesized that intracellular ROS generation in single contracting skeletal myofibers increases during low Po 2 compared with a value approximating normal resting Po 2.

Dihydrofluorescein was loaded into single frog Xenopus fibers, and fluorescence was used to monitor ROS using confocal microscopy. Ebselen decreases ROS formation in both low and high Po 2, but only mitigates skeletal muscle fatigue during reduced Po 2 conditions. Determination of Pb and Po in cigarette tobacco. Cigarette smoking is one of the important pathways that could contribute to enhance the radiation dose to man, due to the relatively large concentrations of Pb and Po found in tobacco leaves.

In this work, concentrations of these two radionuclides were determined in eight of the most commercialized cigarette brands produced in Brazil. The samples analyzed were bought randomly in the market.

The Pb was determined by counting the beta activity of the Bi in a gas flow proportional detector, after radiochemical separation and precipitation of the PbCr0 4. The Po was determined by alpha spectrometry, using a surface barrier detector, after radiochemical separation and spontaneous deposition of Po in copper disk.

The results showed concentrations ranging from 11,9 to 30,2 mBq per gram of dry tobacco for Pb and from 10,9 to 27,4 mBq per gram of dry tobacco for Po. Pb and Po from active volcanoes in Japan. The concentration of Pb and Po in the surface air of volcanic areas is of considerable interest from the viewpoints of geochemistry, geophysics and also health physics, because these nuclides are the useful tracers for the estimation of the residence time or life time of aerosols, and give the significant radiation dose due to inhalation and ingestion through food stuffs.

Since the establishment of Low Level Radioactivity Laboratory, Kanazawa University, in , the measurement of environmental radioactivity has been one of the main subjects, and the measurement of Pb and Po in the surface air of Kagoshima was begun in to estimate the contribution from Volcano Sakurajima.

In this study, the measurement of Pb and Po in air borne particles collected with air samplers, volcanic ash and lava of volcano Sakurajima of which the age of eruption is known. Moreover, the Po in the volcanic gas and sulfur sublimate in the samples collected in four active volcanoes in Hokkaido was measured. The experiment and the results are reported. PO 2 measurements in the rat intestinal microcirculation. Microvascular partial oxygen pressure PO 2 data measured with the quenched phosphorescence of palladium-porphyrin Pd-porphyrin with the use of optical fibers have provided new insight into the behavior of the microvascular oxygenation in models of shock.

However, the actual microcirculatory. In many tissues, PO 2 fluctuates spontaneously with amplitudes of a few mmHg. Here we further characterized these oscillations. PO 2 recordings were made from the whisker barrel cortex of six rabbits with acutely or chronically placed polarographic electrodes. This was much slower than heart or respiratory rhythms and is similar to the frequency content observed in other tissues. During hyperoxia, total power was higher than during air-breathing, and the dominant frequencies tended to shift toward lower values cpm.

These observations suggest that at least the lower frequency fluctuations represent efforts by the circulation to regulate local PO 2. There were no consistent changes in total power during 0. Thus, both hyperoxia and anesthesia cause characteristic, but distinct, changes in spontaneous fluctuations.

These PO 2 fluctuations may be caused by vasomotion, but other factors cannot be ruled out. Increased intraretinal PO 2 in short-term diabetic rats. In diabetic retinopathy, neovascularization is hypothesized to develop due to hypoxia in the retina. However, evidence for retinal hypoxia is limited, and the progressive changes in oxygenation are unknown. The objective of this study was to determine if retinal hypoxia occurs early in the development of diabetes. Intraretinal oxygen PO 2 profiles were recorded with oxygen-sensitive microelectrodes in control and diabetic Long-Evans rats at 4 and 12 weeks after induction of diabetes.

Diabetes did not affect oxygen consumption in the photoreceptors in either dark or light adaptation. Oxygenation of the inner retina was not affected after 4 weeks of diabetes, although vascular endothelial growth factor levels increased. At 12 weeks, average inner retinal PO 2, normalized to choriocapillaris PO 2, was higher in diabetic rats than in age-matched controls, which was opposite to what was expected.

Thus retinal hypoxia is not a condition of early diabetes in rat retina. Increased inner retinal PO 2 may occur because oxygen consumption decreases in the inner retina. Readers may use this article as long as the work is properly cited, the use is educational and not for profit, and the work is not altered. Bioaccumulation of polonium Po in marine birds. The aim of this work was to determine the Po content in marine birds which permanently or temporally live in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea.

We chose 11 species of sea birds: three species permanently residing at southern Baltic Sea, four species of wintering birds and three species of migrating birds. The results show that the polonium is non-uniformly distributed in the marine birds.

The highest activities of Po were observed in feathers, muscles and liver and the lowest in skin and skeleton. Species of birds that eat crustaceans, molluscs, fish and plants long-tailed duck Clangula hyemalis, white-winged scoter Melanitta fusca accumulated more polonium than species that eat mainly fish great cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo, common guillemot Uria aalge or plants tufted duck Aythya fuligula.

It means that the adsorption of Po on the feather surface may be an important transfer from air to water. Measurement of airborne Po - A Bayesian approach. The standard mathematical treatment of the buildup and decay of airborne radionuclides on a filter paper uses the solutions of the so-called bateman equations adapted to the sampling process. The equations can be interpreted as differential equations for the expectation of an underlying stochastic process, which describes the random fluctuations in the accumulation and decay of the sampled radioactive atoms.

The process for the buildup and decay of airborne Po can be characterized as an open-quotes immigration-death processclose quotes in the widely adopted, biologically based jargon. The probability distribution for the number of Po atoms, accumulated after sampling time t, is Poisson. This Poisson distribution was used to construct the likelihood given the observed number of counts. After inversion with Bayes' Theorem we obtained the posterior density for N o.

This density characterizes the remaining uncertainty about the measured under of Po atoms per unit volume of air. Vogt, A [Bern Univ. PSI , Villigen Switzerland. A gas chromatography apparatus was developed, which allows experiments with volatile radionuclides having shorter half-lives than one second.

Environmental impact from inlet of radiocesium in the river Po. In this report are reported the environmental parameters from which effective dose equivalent and collective effective dose equivalent, due to a letting of GBq of radiocesium, spread uniformly over a period of a year, into the waters of river Po , are computed.

Natural levels of Po in human urine. The daily activity of 2 10 Po concentrations in the urine of a volunteer for a month analyzed studies show a high variability with a difference of up to an order of magnitude between the maximum and minimum values obtained, and a clear dependence on the type of diet followed in the various phases of the experiment. Most motor learning experiments have been conducted in a laboratory setting.

In this type of setting, a huge and expensive manipulandum is frequently used, requiring a large budget and wide open space. Subjects also need to travel to the laboratory, which is a burden for them. This burden is particularly severe for patients with neurological disorders. Here, we describe the development of a novel application based on Unity3D and smart devices, e. Po MLab is a multiplatform application that is available and sharable for free. We investigated whether Po MLab could be an alternative to the laboratory setting using a visuomotor rotation paradigm that causes sensory prediction error, enabling the investigation of how subjects minimize the error.

In the first experiment, subjects could adapt to a constant visuomotor rotation that was abruptly applied at a specific trial. The learning curve for the first experiment could be modeled well using a state space model, a mathematical model that describes the motor leaning process. In the second experiment, subjects could adapt to a visuomotor rotation that gradually increased each trial.

The subjects adapted to the gradually increasing visuomotor rotation without being aware of the visuomotor rotation. These experimental results have been reported for conventional experiments conducted in a laboratory setting, and our Po MLab application could reproduce these results. Po MLab can thus be considered an alternative to the laboratory setting.

We also conducted follow-up experiments in university physical education classes. A state space model that was fit to the data obtained in the laboratory experiments could predict the learning curves. Full Text Available Most motor learning experiments have been conducted in a laboratory setting. A state space model that was fit to the data obtained in the laboratory experiments could predict the.

All crystallize with an orthorhombic cell S. Ocena urodynamiczna nietrzymania moczu po radykalnej prostatektomii - studium przypadku. Wnioski: Kompleksowe badanie urodynamiczne ma istotne znaczenie w diagnozowaniu chorych z pooperacyjnym nietrzymaniu moczu. Experiments for detection of gaseous Po originated from microbial activity in the environment. We attempted to detect gaseous Po half-life d emitted from organisms in the environment.

Gaseous Po was tried to collect in 0. The activity of Po was determined by alpha spectrometry after radiochemical separation and electrolytic deposition of Po on a silver disk. Twenty seven point four mBq of Po was observed when m 3 atmospheric air was sampled. Blank of Po in regents and the sampling system was 4. The concentration of Po observed in the atmospheric air was, thus about 5 times higher than the background; the results strongly support existence of gaseous Po in the environment.

Doing gender in sex and sex research. Gender is central to sexuality, and vice versa, but there are a number of difficulties with the treatment of gender in sex research.

Apparently, it is hard to find a balance between two conflicting needs. First, obviously, it is necessary to make distinctions between women and men, for political as well as research-technical and theoretical reasons. A second requirement, at odds with the first one, is the necessity to understand gender and its relation to sexuality and the body as much more complex than simplistically referring to two sets of individuals.

This is all the more necessary when one realizes the possible drawbacks of exaggerating the differences between the sexes in particular when they are biologically explained , because of stereotyping, stigmatizing, and expectancy confirmatory processes. Crystal structure and lattice parameters ate determined.

The compound is thermally stable up to Deg C [ru. Sex reversal in vertebrates. This special topic issue of Sexual Development gives an overview of sex reversal in vertebrates, from fishes naturally changing their sex , to rodents escaping the mammalian SRY-determining system. It offers eight up-to-date reviews on specific subjects in sex reversal, considering fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, marsupials, and placental mammals, including humans.

The broad scope of represented animals makes this ideal for students and researchers, especially those interested in the High-spin yrast states in the Po , Po , At and At nuclei. A half-life of 1. Shell-model calculations based on the use of the empirical single- and two-particle interaction energies or of the experimental excitation energies belonging to the relevant one-, two- and three-particle states, have been carried out for these particle nuclei.

Most of the medium-spin yrast states in Po , Po and At have been successfully described assuming the core for these nuclei being Pb or Pb rather than Pb, and including an extra core polarization interaction described by the P 2 force.

The property of high refractive index, low solubility in water as well as stability to high temperature variation of lanthanum phosphate La PO 4 proved it was the most effective candidate for the production of display lamps, and plasma display panel devices and sensors. The morphological and nanostructural characteristics play a key role in the working efficiency of the luminescent material.

These properties can be controlled by the synthesis method, which we have adopted in this paper. The phase composition and structural properties of the sample have been characterized by X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared, transmission electron microscopy and the luminescent property by photoluminescence and thermoluminescence. The result from heat-treated samples shows the phase combination and morphological structure of the powder depend on the annealing temperature.

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In addition, we have begun to apply this technology to further languages in order to build up usage-example databases for other language pairs.

We also aim to integrate these usage examples into our mobile applications mobile website, apps as quickly as possible. You will find the translations found for all senses of the headword under the tab "Usage Examples". The examples come from the entire data collection of the PONS Dictionary and are all editorially certified. Hallo Welt. EN SL. My search history My favourites.

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