Trafficked for sex in Italy

Thousands of women and girls are being trafficked to Italy from Nigeria, into a life of forced prostitution. Subscribe to The Guardian. Even within Italy, we think and speak about sex in different manners but, while it's impossible to say every Italian thinks the same way about it. Migrants are a big issue in Matteo Salvini's Italy and could be a decisive factor in the next election - whenever it comes. (Subscribe.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, approximately 40, Nigerian women live in Italy. Many, like Princess, have been trafficked into sex. How to talk about love, sex, and dating in Italian. Brush up on the Valentine's vocabulary you probably didn't learn in class. Pressure is growing on Italy's prime minister after Italian women in Rome, Milan and numerous cities abroad held rallies claiming he had.

Subscribe to our channel! Adult survivors of child sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy hit the streets of Rome on. According to the Ministry of the Interior, approximately 40, Nigerian women live in Italy. Many, like Princess, have been trafficked into sex. Italy's Parliament approved a bill on Wednesday to legally recognize civil unions for same-sex couples, though some activists say the bill fell short of granting full.

Do you want to remove all your recent searches? For Italy Explore. All recent searches will be deleted. Cancel Remove. Watch sex. Italian sex trade fueled by human trafficking. Al Italy English. Every year sex of West Africans migrate to Europe in search of a better life.

But for some, that search will end in tragedy as they fall victim to organised crime gangs. In one area of Southern Italy, italy of Nigerian women are trapped in a italy world of prostitution. Many are trafficked illegally by Nigerian criminals, who deceive them with promises of regular jobs. Italy has an estimated 10, madams, each controlling sex average of two or three girls per year. Once a trafficked girl reaches Europe, she sex to pay off debts to her madam of up to 60, euros.

It will take her at least five years. Madams confiscate the sex passports to stop them from escaping and charge italy for rent, clothes and food. Threatened with violence if they don't comply, the girls also have to run risks with their clients. Related topic Human trafficking. Italy next Sex trafficking sex unable to access funds. The Star TV. UK police sex man and woman for human trafficking over italy deaths. World News from Reuters. Sex of human trafficking.

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In October, she was transferred to the welcome centre in Castelnuovo di Porto, outside Rome. I thought I would have given birth to my child in that centre and that we would have been able to stay there, safe. But one month later, before formal passage of the Salvini decree, the bill was retroactively applied by the interior ministry. As a result, hundreds of migrants were evicted from welcome centres around the country.

The evictions are not only affecting those whose request for protection on humanitarian grounds is pending approval, but also those in possession of permits to stay, despite the law stipulating that their status should be maintained. This is outrageous. Soon I may not have a roof over my head. The state police came for Princess on 23 January.

She and others were evicted from the refugee reception centre in Castelnuovo di Porto. Some women, like Princess, were transferred to a welcome centre managed by the Catholic church in Rocca di Papa, or to centres managed by the aid group Caritas. Dozens of others have been evicted, their whereabouts unknown. The decree is supposed to grant victims of sex trafficking a form of protection because of the risks they may face if deported back to their countries of origin.

But in order to secure protection, they must report their captor to the police or enter a rehabilitation programme. They have always been left alone in the world, and now more than ever. Before they leave their homes, Nigerian women are made to undergo traditional oath-taking ceremonies involving complicated and frightening rituals.

Faith, 35, was forced into prostitution for six years on the outskirts of Milan. Wanted by the police, her abuser, or madam, fled to Nigeria. Today Faith lives in a welcome centre run by the church in Rocca di Papa, outside Rome.

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