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About Us

We don't do 'cause.'

Everyone wants to have a website these days. Heck, my grade-school daughter wants a website. When I ask her, "Why?" she usually just smiles and says, "cause." That's a fine answer for a kid - it's not so great for a church, business or company.

We want to help you take your website - and your vision - to the next level. We do back and front-end developement, coding, consulting and customization to help take your product or vision to the next level.

The reality is that you most likely have a web presence already - but it's probably not working out just the way you want it to. Perfect. That simply means you need to hire us to spend some time thinking, tinkering and playing with your site and your content to make it splash.

From site layout-updates, to re-envisioning your entire page, we love to take old sites and make them feel new. In short, we like to renew what you're doing. And the best thing is, we love to play in your sandbox. So if you have a site built in Joomla, or on Wordpress - maybe even in plain HTML - or using any other common CMS - we'll work in that. We might suggest you switch or upgrade, but we'll play where you want us to.ß

What We Do

We'll tear down a site or build it from the ground up.

CMS Flexibility

We'll recommend the right Content Management System for exactly what you're doing. So many businesses and churches are using the wrong CMS - a blogging platform for a corporate feel, or a business CMS for a church site. We'll get you where you need to be, based on what you want to do with your site and your skill level.

Customer Consulation

The people behind the site are who we want to highlight, not the fancy code or quirky images. You are a unique organization with unique individuals and specific goals. We'll do our best to get to know you and make an end product that works right for you.

Fancy made easy

We do like fancy, though. Do you have any idea how many hours it takes to make fancy on the web, thought? It's amazing! As a result - because we don't want to charge you both of your arms PLUS a leg, we love to use the things other brilliant people have put together! We work with great developers accross the globe to make the complicated as simple (and as cheap) as possible.

Contact Us

Cause your site ain't getting better by looking at it.

We can't say too much more without chatting with you about your particular project.

Ok, we probably can. We're not out to make a ton of money. More, we love projects - we love finding people who have lame sites, and seeing them become neat. So, we're not going to charge you like crazy; we're mostly just going to charge what we need to in order to justify our work to our wives (pretty important).

We love working with churches (mostly because they need the most work), but we're happy to work with businesses, too.

So, send us your project, and we'll get back to you and set up a time to talk. Let's take step one.